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Find relief for musculoskeletal issues such as lower back and shoulder stiffness, migraines and headaches, sleep issues and many other conditions through this key component of traditional Chinese medicine.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

This trusted, alternative approach to medicine includes a holistic blend of herbal medicines and mind/body practices to test, treat and prevent common health ailments.

Electrodermal Screening

Our proprietary technology targets key measurement points connected to the meridians of the body. It’s a non-diagnostic way to view the body’s imbalances. This vital information helps us to design much greater accuracy of care, bringing your system back in balance.


The constant overload of the body systems with various forms of toxicity can result in symptoms of imbalance, illness and trauma. Working synergistically with detoxification, we’ve created a natural healing process utilizing homotoxicology and traditional Chinese medicine. This focuses on clearing the body of limiting factors to restore you to absolute optimal health.


Our body’s ability to detoxify is crucial to preventing chronic illness and disease. Combat the toxic buildup of our modern lifestyles through specific remedies, dietary therapy, and Chinese herbal formulas.

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What can I expect during my Electrodermal Test? Does my insurance cover these costs? Find answers to these and more.

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